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Time to MOOVE!

When you’re on your period, using your intuition and tuning into the rhythm of your flow is super important. Cramps, pain and mood swings might make you want to curl up with your favourite Netflix show, and that’s okay! But did you know that the best medicine might actually be to get up and groove a little?

There are a number of gentle exercises that can help you lean into your bleed and feel a little better, stronger and in control. Here are some of our favourites:


  • Walking: Whilst high-energy cardio is not advised, walking is gentle and easy on the body. Even just a short stroll can increase the secretion of endorphins, burn some calories, and also help you uplift your mood. Try a walk in nature to really get that dopamine going. 
  • Strength training: Strength training is an awesome option to exercise on heavier days, especially if you’re preferring to stay indoors. It’s best to avoid heavy-duty lifting and consider a lighter exercise than you might normally do.
  • Yoga: Studies have proven that Yoga can benefit your flow in many different ways. A soft and gentle practice can relax you if you’re cranky just by stretching. Breathing exercises help to relax your body and keep you calm and healthy. Try the Cat-cow pose, Child’s pose, Plank pose and Cobra pose and see how it feels.
  • Home Workouts: There’s nothing worse than having to face the world when you’re weathering a mood swing or dealing with a heavy first flow day. Whatever you choose to do, a home workout is ideal for anyone who needs that extra peace of mind. Just remember to make it gentle!


Your flow shouldn’t interrupt a healthy active routine, but everyone feels differently during their cycle. Just remember to be gentle with yourself in mind, body and spirit and let the good times flow.

p.s. Wearing MOOVE underwear definitely could help you to worry less about your flow while exercising! Check our quiz to find the perfect pair for you.

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