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Sustainably crafted underwear


The Easy Breezy


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All product have been crafted to be a full subtitute to other period product. But can also be used as backup during heavier flow days.

The Easy Breezy is designed to support lighter flows or the days when your period is almost at its end. Don’t judge by its shape, our super slim brief cut is powerful and is great for spotting and discharge as well.

Best for: using alone on light period days, or as back up on heavy period days.

With every purchase of 3 or more pairs, you will get a wet bag for free!
Ideal to carry your spare MOOVE when you need to change during the day and then to store your used and rinsed MOOVE.
Made out of recycled neoprene.
Size 17.5 cm x 18 cm.

  • Lighter days
  • Spotting
  • Replacing liners
  • A period cup backup
  • Discharge
  • Odour masking

Outer Fabric: 95% Bamboo Viscose, 5% Elastane

Inner Fabric: 100% Merino Wool

Gusset Layer 1: 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide

Gusset Layer 2: 100% Polyester

Do not soak, rinse in cold water after use until the water runs clear.

Machine cold wash or hand wash. Please hold back on fabric softener and harsh detergents, tumble drying and ironing.

Hang dry. Do not iron.
Reuse, Repeat!

All products have been crafted to be a full substitute to other period products. But can also be used as a backup during heavier flow.

Our Lining Technology

  1. Merino Wool Lining

  2. Absorbent Padding
    Absorbs and hold liquids

  3. Leak Proof Barrier
    Leak and stain resistant

  4. Bamboo Blend Outer
    Anti-bacterial and repel odours


What makes MOOVE underwear so special is that you don’t need any other period product. We have designed a number of different styles to support the duration of your flow. You can always double up our underwear with a tampon or cup if you want that extra level of protection though!

We’ve spent a long time testing and refining MOOVE to make sure our undies look and feel like regular underwear. The Everyday and Easy-Breezy line have an ultimate slimline feel so you won’t know the difference. The Boss and the All-Nighter will feel a bit heavier due to their kick-ass absorbency levels, but all are super comfortable and have been designed to hug your bum in all the right places.

No! Unlike sanitary pads that are usually made with plastic and synthetic materials, MOOVE’s top layer is made from Merino Wool which quickly absorbs your period inside the lining without leaving dampness.



Our leakproof bamboo briefs have four layers of protection compressed into a super thin lining.

to Wash

Simply water rinse after wear and pop them in the washing machine or hand wash.


Reusable, durable and thin-lining. Made to fit every body, shape and size.


Topped with ultra luxurious Merino wool, MOOVE undies are prepared to wick moisture and repel odours.

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