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What is the Postpartum Period? Why does it Happen?

As a soon-to-be new mum, have you already heard about the postpartum period? Hence the name, it is a period that happens after you give birth to your newborn. The end of this phase differs from one person to another, although it typically lasts for about 6 weeks. Now, why does that happen?

A woman’s body goes through many changes as it recovers from pregnancy. Hormone levels change, breasts swell, hair loss and mood and energy levels also change. The postpartum period is related to the hormonal change that affects the uterus. Your body will naturally get rid of the excess blood, mucus, and tissues in the uterus, and that is lochia, the postpartum period blood.

During the first 24 hours after delivery, you will experience the heaviest bleeding. In this period, the colour of the blood is usually bright red, and you can expect some blood clots too. It is totally normal. You will notice the excreted blood will get less in the following weeks, and the colour will vary. If the volume of the blood is getting very heavy, and you notice some bigger clots, you need to talk to your OBGYN right away.

While you are in your postpartum period phase, note that it is not advised to have vaginal sex with your partner. This is because women who have just given birth might still have open blood vessels, and having sex can push air bubbles into those vessels, which is dangerous as it can block blood circulation in the heart area. These blood vessels need 3 weeks to come back to their normal size and condition. Also, the cervix and vaginal tissues may be more susceptible to infection during this period.

The postpartum period is not an easy phase. You secrete blood while taking care of your baby and yourself. Be more aware of your lifestyle and diet during this period, as it will greatly help you with faster recovery and gaining extra energy. Getting plenty of rest and staying hydrated is very important, too! Follow your healthcare provider’s recommendations, including any recommended check-ups or follow-up appointments.

Choosing the best period product to accompany you throughout your postpartum cycle is also important. You don’t want to go through one of the hardest phases in your new-mum life feeling uncomfortable! MOOVE period underwear can help you with that. Instead of using a bulky plastic pad, you can use our The All Nighter for extra comfort, but zero leakage. Our bamboo cotton is very soft to the touch, and our Merino wool topper in the lining will keep you from dampness, rashes, and irritations.

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