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Can I Use Period Underwear For Swimming?

Unfortunately, pads nor period underwear can’t be used for water sports like swimming, surfing, and freediving—you name it. You already know why pads can’t be used in water, but do you want to know why period underwear can’t too?


Put it simply, period underwear is underwear with a built-in pad (but much thinner!). If your period underwear already collects blood before you get into the water, blood can come out from the lining once it’s soaked.


You will not really bleed when you’re in the water as water pressure helps prevent your flow from coming out but when you get out and the pressure changes again, your flow might start to come out and your wet period underwear won’t be able to optimally collect your blood :(


Even though you can’t use your favourite period underwear for swimming, you can use them for all other ‘on-land’ activities! You can do yoga, hiking, cycling, running, or anything you want comfortably! MOOVE period underwear’s 4 layers technology will prevent leaking and dampness even during heavy days.

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