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Period Underwear is the New ‘It’ Girl

When we discuss products for managing menstruation (a.k.a. period products), what names come to mind? Pads? Tampons? Menstrual cups? And maybe, for some of you, period underwear also popped into your mind.

In the past 10 years, period underwear has been gaining significant popularity. Not just in the US, but also in Indonesia! Many period underwear brands are now available here, including MOOVE. Now, if you’re not familiar with period underwear, you might be wondering: what makes it so great?

First and foremost, let’s talk about sustainability because we care about the planet. When using disposable period products, we contribute to thousands of non-recyclable waste items! This waste accumulation harms the Earth, leading to issues like global warming, water pollution, and excessive land use for landfills.

This is where reusable period products come to the rescue. With a lifespan of up to 5 years per pair, the amount of waste generated significantly decreases! And here’s a bonus: you’ll save a LOT of money too ;)

For you girls who cannot (or prefer not to) use period products that require insertion, but still want an eco-friendly option, period underwear is going to be your best friend. Why? Because period underwear is essentially underwear with a built-in pad. So, if you’re used to using pads, transitioning to period underwear won’t feel much different in terms of application- but WAYYY comfier! We especially use a very thin lining, that’s just as absorbent!

Last but certainly not least, period underwear is safer and healthier for your body. You avoid exposing your sensitive genital area to potentially harmful chemicals that could have long-term negative impacts on your health. Choosing a safer option means taking care of your body (#selfcare).

With all these reasons explained, you now understand why period underwear is the new ‘it’ girl, right?

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