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What Is Period Underwear and How Does It Work?

Period underwear is a product to “collect” your period. Basically, it is just another
type of period product like pads, tampons, menstrual cups, etc. Designed to feel and
look like regular underwear, period panties are a newer form of menstrual care that
can both replace the need for disposable hygiene products and be a solution for
preventing messy leaks. They’re an ecologically, smart alternative to single-use
period products and a great long-term investment for those who want a more
comfortable and easier menstrual solution.

So how does it work? Technically, period underwear is underwear with a built-in pad.
We know what just crossed your mind: “it must be bulky and wet, yuck!”. This
definitely varies depending on the brand, but at MOOVE we pride ourselves on a
very thin and quick-absorbing lining!

We use a 4 layer technology that prevents leaks, smells, and moisture, and can hold up to 5 tampons or 2.5 pads worth of liquid. Each layer has its own purpose:

  • Top layer: moisture wicking. We have opted to use premium merino wool to wick away moisture and keep you dry and comfortable.
  • Second layer: is absorbent. Fast-absorbing layers draw in fluid and lock it away.
  • Third layer: leak-Proof. A breathable, leak-proof layer keeps you proceed even on those white jeans’ days!
  • Bottom layer: breathable. Bamboo blend outer layer that is antibacterial and repels odour!

Some might have hygiene concerns. But worry not, all legit period underwear
products are crafted using antibacterial fabrics that are even hypoallergenic. And as
long as you are taking care of your underwear and washing it correctly (just like you
do with your lingerie), all is the groovy baby! (Click here to see how to wash it properly)

MOOVE has also been verified in an independent laboratory and tested for harmful
substances according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, an international
association that ensures a high level of safety from harmful substances.

Convinced? Make the MOOVE a better and more comfortable period for yourself,
while also doing some good for the planet. Talk about a win-win!

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MOOVE x YAKENPA Social Project

MOOVE has a mission to make proper period products accessible to all women and menstruators. “Period poverty” is a term that relates to the disadvantages

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