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The Explanation of Period Poverty and What It Looks Like

Have you ever heard of period poverty?

Even if you haven’t, we don’t blame you.

Period poverty refers to the condition where women are unable to afford menstrual products, either due to their financial situation or their geographic location. However, period poverty encompasses a broader spectrum where the lack of knowledge about menstruation can also be considered as one of the issues.

Unfortunately, this issue is not discussed enough in society due to the stigma surrounding menstruation. When merely talking about menstruation is considered taboo, it becomes even more
challenging to address the underlying issues.

You might assume that period poverty only occurs in poor countries, but it is still prevalent
worldwide to this day.

In Indonesia, there are cases of period poverty where women earn only 1 to 2 dollars per day do not consider period products as a necessity. They prefer to use the money for food or basic survival. Instead, they rely on used traditional clothes that are unclean and may contain harmful colourants that can potentially affect their reproductive organs. Moreover, their lack of education about menstrual health leads them to normalise using the same cloth throughout the day.

Even in well-developed countries like the US, the UK, and Australia, many individuals cannot afford
period products. The Pink Tax exacerbates this struggle for women worldwide, making it even more
difficult for them to access the menstrual care they need.

This disheartening reality compels us to break the silence and start discussing menstruation openly.
By doing so, we can help break the stigma and raise awareness about this issue, with the hope that
people will show the same level of concern for period poverty as they do for general poverty or
other health issues in the world.

So, let’s talk about periods. Period.

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