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Menstrual Myth Busting

Embracing our flow all starts with the power of mindset and knowledge. Some urban legends heard around the world can sometimes make this difficult, contributing only to feelings of shame and embarrassment.

At MOOVE, we’re here to bust some myths that keep you experiencing your flow in the shadows. So… which one of these have you heard?

Period blood is dirty and shameful
Though some cultures consider women impure and dirty when they’re flowing, there is actually no science behind this myth. Period blood is as normal as any other blood, sweat or tear, and flowing is another part of our intelligent body working its magic.

Period products should be kept private and out of sight
Period products are personal hygiene items and nothing more. Embrace them in your bag or cupboard just like you would your toothpaste or deodorant.

Wearing period products like tampons and cups make you impure
Even though using a tampon can occasionally cause the hymen to stretch or tear, your hymen isn’t the keeper of your virginity; only you and your sexual journey are!

You can’t get pregnant during your period
Falling pregnant during your period is highly unlikely but not impossible. It all comes down to the length of your cycle and when you ovulate. Be sure to track your period to better understand the timing of your flow.

Drinking cold water can worsen your period
Although warm drinks may help relax your cramps, there is no scientific evidence to suggest cold drinks will have the opposite effect.

Drinking soda could help speed up the period cycle
Sugary drinks have been linked to the earlier onset of periods in young girls, but no science suggests they speed your monthly flow. Carbonated drinks and sugar are more likely to make you bloated and contribute to energy crashes. Embrace the intelligence of your body and let it flow naturally.

Your period should last exactly one week each month, otherwise you may be infertile
Your flow is as unique as you are, and only you can know what’s normal for your body. Check our guide to see if you’re flowing okay and if you still have concerns, book in with your physician.

Disposable pads and tampons should be washed before thrown out, otherwise ghosts will come to haunt you
This is a common belief in Indonesia but entirely unnecessary! Wrapping up a disposable product is sufficient before being thrown out if you’re worried about leakage or odours.

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MOOVE has a mission to make proper period products accessible to all women and menstruators. “Period poverty” is a term that relates to the disadvantages

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