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Love Yourself: 5 Simple Self-Love Practices

You are the most critical person in your life. Taking care of yourself is a must. Caring for yourself can make you feel better both physically and mentally. Self-love doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant. It’s all about treating yourself with kindness and respect, just as you would treat a loved one.


If you’re struggling with negative self-talk or feelings, it’s time to prioritise self-love in your daily routine. Here are five simple self-love practices that you can start doing right now!


Learn to set boundaries and say “no”

Knowing your boundaries and try not to overcommit are parts of self-love. Always agreeing to things you don’t genuinely want can lead to an increased stress level, anxiety, or even burnout. Set realistic expectations for yourself for your well-being.


Laugh often

Laughter is truly the best medicine. Endorphins and other healthy hormones are released when you laugh and can improve your mood and reduce stress. Find joy in the small things like hanging out with friends or watching your favourite rom-com, and feel better!


Exercise regularly

Just like laughing, exercising can release more endorphins, which can lead to better mental well-being (plus a better body!). You can start slow by just going for a walk, practising yoga or home workouts, or you can go to the gym and lift some weights. Any form of movement can be beneficial!


Be kind to others

Have you ever heard of serotonin? It is a “feel good” hormone that is released when you’re doing things that make you feel good, like spreading kindness to the community or even the earth. Remember also to be kind to yourself!


Do more self-care

Taking good care of yourself is one of the biggest practices to feel good and love yourself more. Make that skin glow, fill up your tummy, and #maketheMOOVE to a better period!


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