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How Stress Messes with Your Monthly Cycle

Unexpected, sudden, and negative changes in life might put pressure on your mental health–which is known as stress.


When you’re under stress, your body releases a hormone called cortisol which is a hormone pathways blocker. This blockage might lead to many body changes, including your menstruation and might make you skip a period. Nothing to be too concerned about, however!


If you’re under long-term stress and/or have high-stress levels, you might notice that your cycle becomes irregular for a long time. You might not miss only one month of period, but two, three, or even six. The bleeding time might be affected as well—longer or shorter than usual.

You might also notice your period is way more painful. Try to wind down by prioritizing yourself. Put on your most comfortable clothes, ask for a day off, and wrap your stomach with a warm towel filled with your favourite aromatherapy. Last but not least, Try MOOVE period underwear as your menstrual companion. No more worrying about leaking, so you’ll have more peace of mind and no added stress!

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