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Sustainably crafted underwear



MOOVE period underwear works by catching and absorbing your flow without retaining odour or the feeling of dampness. They have also been designed to look and feel like normal underwear to help keep you moving and grooving throughout your period.

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What makes MOOVE period underwear so smooth is the high quality of materials. We fabricate our underwear’s outer layer from eco-friendly bamboo and the inner layer from high-quality moisture-wicking Merino Wool for that super luxe feel. Inside are the compressed absorbent layers for a super slimline design.

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What makes MOOVE period underwear so special is that you don’t need any other period product. We have designed a number of different styles to support the duration of your flow. You can always double up our underwear with a tampon or cup if you want that extra level of protection though!

Absorbency levels depend on which of our styles you choose as the surface area of the absorbent lining varies. Everyone’s flow is unique so it’s always best to try MOOVE period underwear at home for a few days so you get confident in which underwear works best with your period.

Check out MOOVE size chart to get a better understanding of our sizing.

We encourage all women and menstruators to get to know their flow, it should be celebrated! So how many pairs is really up to your unique cycle. Typically we’d suggest 4-6 pairs in different absorbency styles. If you decide that you prefer to use them alongside a tampon or cup, then perhaps 2-3 pairs would be sufficient.

We’ve spent a long time testing and refining MOOVE to make sure our undies look and feel like regular underwear. The Everyday and The Easy Breezy line have an ultimate slimline feel so you won’t know the difference. The Boss and The All-Nighter will feel a bit heavier due to their kick-ass absorbency levels, but all are super comfortable and have been designed to hug your bum in all the right places.

No! Unlike sanitary pads that are usually made with plastic and synthetic materials, MOOVE’s top layer is made from Merino Wool which quickly absorbs your period inside the lining without leaving dampness.

Since everyone’s flow is unique it comes down to feeling rather than time. If you’re starting to feel heavy and the top layer is retaining its dampness, it’s time to swap over. Try MOOVE period underwear at home for your first flow so you know what’s best for you.

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Over the course of a lifetime, the average menstruator will have their period for 38 years which equates to around 450 menstrual cycles. That’s 3500 days of periods which is almost a decade of flow!

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Almost 150kg worth of tampons and sanitary pads go to landfills over the course of a single person’s lifetime, that’s not to mention all of the packaging too. Since MOOVE period underwear are designed to be used for years, that’s saving over 300kg of waste for the planet.

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MOOVE is all about ensuring your flow doesn’t disrupt your life, and this includes your wallet.

On average, people with periods in Indonesia that have access to menstrual care would spend a minimum of Rp30.000 ($2) on pads per cycle and Rp200.000 ($14) on tampons.

Over 5 years that amounts to a minimum of Rp1.950.000 ($136) spent on pads and Rp15.600.000 ($1086) on tampons.

Thanks to our underwear, people using MOOVE underwear will spend just Rp1.296.000/$90 (4 pairs, 1 of each type) over the same 5 year period.

To cut down the maths, yes! You’ll save hundreds of dollars that is better spent on things you love, and the planet will hug you for it too.

Yes! We are currently working with Bumi Sehat on a program that helps disadvantaged girls in Indonesia get access to menstrual products. Head to our Impact page to find out more about the work we’re doing!

Absolutely, MOOVE period underwear has been designed to use again and again like a regular pair of underwear.

Your MOOVE period underwear just needs a rinse in water and then can be placed straight into the washing machine on a delicate cycle, using cold water and mild detergents. Hand washing is also fine! 

Hang or lay flat to dry and do not iron. We recommend drying them outside to benefit from the antimicrobial effects of sunlight. Reuse, repeat!

If you want to refresh and sanitise them after your flow, we recommend keeping it all-natural by just adding a few drops of vinegar or tea tree oil to the wash and rinse.

We recommend only drying your MOOVE period underwear on the line outside. They should be dry in a day, depending on which range. The Easy Breezy will be quicker than The Boss for example. We recommend drying them outside to benefit from the anti-microbial effects of sunlight.

If you care for your MOOVE period underwear properly, they will last for up to 5 years! Be sure to check out the care instructions when you receive your pair.

The Merino Wool does wonders in wicking away odours and bacteria associated with your period. Washing them as per instructions and line drying helps with this too. See above on how we recommend washing them that should help with this.

They sure can, we’ve designed the entire range to cater for all stages of your period. Replacing your single-use period products with MOOVE will save you money and waste.

Absolutely. Our slimline design ensures that MOOVE period underwear is great for any time. Sweat, discharge, leaks and spotting can happen all cycle round so MOOVE can give you extra support whenever you need it.

Yes! If you want to use MOOVE for incontinence, we recommend the 2 most absorbent styles: The Boss and The All-Nighter.

During pregnancy, we recommend wearing The Easy Breezy and The Everyday for ultimate comfort and a lower rise to accommodate your growing belly.

For after birth, MOOVE is a very comfortable alternative to the bulky pads from the hospital. We recommend The Boss and The All-Nighter for leak protection you can trust through postpartum.

Chose the wrong MOOVE? If your order wasn’t what you were expecting or you’re not happy in any way, we’ll be more than happy to assist in getting you the right fit and style. If you’d like to know more or get in touch for any reason please see our Returns and Exchange Page.

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