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Ever heard of Free Bleeding?

First time hearing about Free Bleeding? It’s okay, we got you.

Free Bleeding is the term used to describe menstruating with next to no interference from menstrual products like tampons, pads or cups. It involves embracing your blood by letting it flow without underwear, just using your regular underwear or if you’re easing into it – investing in period underwear.

Free Bleeding is a free-thinker and free-flower movement born from the desire to challenge period stigma, protest the high prices of essential menstrual products, and draw attention to the negative environmental impact of disposable period items. Women around the world are trending the term via social media with pictures of their blood-stained sheets, underwear and clothing to highlight the most natural and yet stigmatised bodily process in the world.

If you’ve ever been indignant about these issues, then Free Bleeding might be for you. It’s an empowering and accessible grass-roots way to encourage people to open up about menstruation, bring flow out from the shadows and fight inequality by making period products more accessible. It all starts with empowerment and choice, so if it doesn’t sound like your thing then even just opening up about alternatives to traditional menstrual practices and attitudes plays an important role.

Curious to try? Period underwear is a great way to let your blood flow in all its glory without the clean-up. Then after a few flows, you can experiment with your inner protester on how free you want to bleed.

Our underwear is designed to look and feel like normal underwear. Their fabrication also allows you to go about your day without worrying about managing your period. Each is made with multiple layers of fabric that all have a different purpose.

Join the movement and let MOOVE help you groove into Free Bleeding. Shop Now

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