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We’re Proud of Our Bamboo Fabric, and Here’s Why

You may have heard a lot from us about using bamboo cotton as our main fabric. However, you might be wondering what makes bamboo cotton so special.

Fashion has a detrimental impact on the environment, leaving behind significant traces. The fast-fashion industry leads to the accumulation of waste over time, while the manufacturing process and material choices contribute to the overall harm inflicted upon the Earth.

Now, why is bamboo a better choice than cotton, especially for the environment?

  1. It is more sustainable
    Bamboo is an exceptionally renewable resource that grows quickly without the need for pesticides or fertilisers. It also requires less water and land compared to cotton cultivation, making it a more sustainable option.

  2. Good for the earth
    With their increased oxygen production and carbon dioxide absorption compared to cotton plants, bamboo plantations have a positive impact on the environment. Moreover, bamboo helps prevent soil erosion and can be grown without depleting the soil’s nutrients.

  3. Needs significantly less water
    Opting for bamboo fabric instead of cotton is a sustainable choice that helps conserve water resources, considering the significant water demands of cotton cultivation.

We’re passionate about the planet, and we care about you too. The exciting part is that bamboo shares our values. When bamboo is turned into fabric, it brings benefits for you as well.

Bamboo fabric is known for its softness and luxurious feel. It is comfortable and gentle against the skin, and hypoallergenic, making it suitable even for sensitive skin. Its moisture-wicking properties make it one of the best fabrics for period underwear.

If you’re in search of period underwear, we highly recommend choosing materials that prioritise your maximum comfort during menstruation. MOOVE offers an excellent option. Not only do we use bamboo fabric, but our period underwear also features 4-layer technology and a Merino wool topper, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable experience!

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