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Sustainably crafted underwear


Better Period,

Your flow is a natural part of the everyday menstrual cycle, so caring for a period should be exactly that, natural. MOOVE period underwear bring together technology, natural fibres and great design to help you say goodbye to the unnecessary chemicals, fragrances or synthetic materials.

How does
period underwear

Whether you have heavy, light, or in-between flows, like your big sister, MOOVE period underwear will always have your back (and behind). MOOVE period underwear chose bamboo to give you the luxuriously-soft feel with eco-friendly credentials:

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super soft on the skin



regulates temperature to keep you cool

bamboo grows rapidly and self-generates; requiring little water and no fertiliser or pesticides

Expertly crafted using
the best

Using innovative technology, our soft bamboo briefs have four layers of protection compressed into a super thin lining. Topped with ultra luxurious Merino wool, your period underwear is prepared to wick moisture, repel odours, and catch any flow at any time.

MOOVE period underwear is certified STANDARD 100

Having this certification means that the fabrics used in our underwear do not contain any toxic products either for the body or for the environment. It allows you to be sure that our textile materials do not contain any harmful substances and are completely safe.

is MOOVE period underwear?

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