Billions of single-use pads and tampons are thrown out every year and can take up to 800 years to decompose.

What effect do sanitary pads and tampons have on our planet?

Of Indonesia’s population in 2020, about 67.5 of 270 million are women and girls of menstruating age. Conservatively estimated, each will use 15 single-use commercial sanitary pads a month, giving a total of over 1 billion used pads discarded every month or 12 billion a year in Indonesia.


used pads are discarded every year in Indonesia alone.
None of which can be recycled, and millions end up in our oceans.

How does that affect me ?

Studies have found that sanitary pads contain super-absorbent polymers (SAP), which don't decompose and are extremely dangerous for your health if consumed.

Used pads and tampons that end up in landfills will contaminate soil, water, air and gradually release up to 17 billion nano-plastics which then get absorbed by algae, a staple at the lower end of the food chain. These plastics then bioaccumulate as they travel up the food chain only to end up in potentially harmful concentrations in larger organisms that we ourselves rely on for food.

2 years of use reduces 10x waste

MOOVE Underwear
Single-used products
Period products
I use in 2 years
4 pairs
384 pcs
Treatment to product after being used
Washed and back to
the drawer for reuse
Throw away to
the landfill to decompose
for the next 800 years
Period waste I produce
in 2 years
of waste
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How does
low impact

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