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5 Leak Proof Life Hacks

Here at MOOVE, we embrace Free Bleeding and leaks of any kind. But we do know that it’s not ideal for when you want stress-free menstruation as you go about your day. Most menstruators have a horror story or two of accidents and leaks that left a mark, so we’re here to give you 5 leak-proof tips to help you with a carefree flow.


  1. Track Your Period: As you know, everyone’s flow is unique. What might be normal for you could be very different for someone else. By tracking your period and understanding your cycle, you can better prepare for spotting and the arrival of your period.
  2. Be Prepared: Even with tracking, small changes in your lifestyle can throw your period off its course. Get some peace of mind by keeping a spare period product of your choice in your bag or at your office desk.
  3. Swap before you leave: Whatever your Go-To period product is, swap out for a fresh item before leaving the house in case your 5 minute trip to the shops turns out to be hours long.
  4. Wear it Loose and Dark: Your period will be less on your mind if you choose darker and looser clothing during your flow.
  5. Make the MOOVE: Why not try grooving with MOOVE? Our underwear is specifically designed to keep you dry, clean and leakproof. We recommend The Easy Breezy or The Everyday to keep you prepared for your flow turning up unannounced. The All-Nighter has been designed to hug your bum in all the right places all night long.


MOOVE underwear has been designed so you can wear it on its own but you can always double up with a tampon or cup for that extra level of protection. 

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